Artistry by Mindy
Artistry by Mindy

A person or group of people may be the best makeup artists in the world but if they do not achieve the effect the client is looking for, that ability is being wasted. The most important thing for a make up artist has to be to always understand what the person that he or she needs. Each individual has unique and characteristic traits, some that he surely wants to highlight and others that he prefers to reduce.

Knowing how to make a correct reading of that self-assessment is one of the most valuable tools of the Artistry By Mindy team.

Our Skills:

One of our forte is the ability to know exactly the type of skin you have and what is the makeup technique right for you.
We have the ability to know how to please the most demanding public.
We use quality products, always thinking about you, so that you look an incomparable beauty for much more time.

We have more than 10 years of experience and we are always updating ourselves on the new trends of makeup, fashion and hairstyles both nationally and internationally, which gives us a plus in the market.

We are flexible at the time when working for our clientele, open for any last minute changes due to any situation that may occur or any special need, clients can rest easy with us since patience is our greatest virtue.


Social events such as:
Fifteen years

Brown skin

Artist makeup by Mindy, Mindy has been doing make up for customers since 2010 photo-shoot makeups,wedding makeups,sweet sixteen makeup.

Artistry by Mindy
Artistry by Mindy 

Artistry by Mindy
Artistry by Mindy

Text created based on: ¿Por qué estudiar Maquillaje Profesional? (s.f.), Andrea Curto (s.f.).