Eyes Shadow Makeup

Eyes Shadow Makeup. Artistry by Mindy
Eyes Shadow Makeup. Artistry by Mindy

The eyeshadow is a cosmetic applied to the eyelids and under the eyebrows. They are commonly used to give shade and light to the eyes.

The eyeshadow provide depth and dimension to the eyes, complement the color of the eyes, or simply attract attention. It exists in different colors and textures. They are usually made of powders, but can be in the form of liquid, pencil or mousse.

In the Western world it is an exclusively feminine cosmetic, even when used by men.

The eye shadow can be applied in different shapes, depending on the expected effect and the formulas. Usually it is applied with sponges, with the fingers or with brushes. The most important thing when placing shadows, like any makeup, is knowing how to combine them, something that Artistry by Mindy, knows how to do perfectly so if you want to apply a professional makeup, come with us that we will be pleased to provide our services.

In Artistry by Mindy, we have special products to prevent the shadow from fading, as well as special sets with three different tones: one to illuminate and the other to intensify color. In addition to the shadow, to complete the makeup of the eyes we usually use eyeliner and mascara (mascara).

We have great knowledge in what makeup refers and we apply the shadows in your eyes according to your style and the one that combines you more, but also look for the way you do not see yourself exaggerated so we use neutral tones such as brown and gray.

If you do not want to appear exaggerated with your eye shadow, choose three tones that are neutral, like browns or grays. And if not, choose colors that you like and suit your style.

We use the correct brushes

We have the best makeup brushes to get the application of shade easier and more attractive.

We have: flat and hard brushes, to apply the shadow all over your eyelid, soft brush or dome and hard to apply the shadow in your fold and blur it out.

Contact us and you will be beautiful forever.

Eyes Shadow Makeup. Artistry by Mindy
Eyes Shadow Makeup. Artistry by Mindy