Facial Makeup

Facial Makeup. Artistry by Mindy
Facial Makeup. Artistry by Mindy

Makeup is the practice of decorating the skin and other visible parts of the body to highlight them. Also defined as makeup is any product used to decorate or fix a person's facial or body features; this one is composed of diverse elements with determined functions for each part (eyes, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.). It receives its name in honor to Venus, the Roman goddess of the love.

In the arts it is also used to correct the distortions produced by lighting or to characterize an actor or actress as a specific theatrical character.

By extension, the term also designates the cosmetics that are used for this practice, such as lipsticks and eye shadows. Also to hide some wounds or other problems on the skin.
In addition to minimizing the loss of color, makeup helps create the character and contributes to its external characterization, appropriate to the physical appearance and the requirements of the script. He transforms the features of the actor and completely change his face, from a slight aging or rejuvenation, to a scar that does not exist or, at the opposite end, to turn a person into a monster, a fictional character, a werewolf, etc. . The make-up used by the clowns is one of the clearest examples of characterization.

Makeup FX

It consists of making transformations with different products like latex, alginate, plasters, silicone. To achieve some transformation, it is necessary to undergo hours of makeup processing, to achieve the necessary mask. With this type of makeup can be achieved aging the skin, rejuvenate it, make it look hurt, burned, make a monster, an animal, a clown, and so on. Generally to make this makeup requires a previous image and research whose experience is totally Artistry by Mindy.

Make up are not simple as you usually have the idea, take your technique, effort and dedication with which Artistry by Mindy has and know that as a woman you feel curious in the way we do, what technique we can use that you currently do not uses.

We use the best brands for the delicate skin of your face, and that our work is unique and different from the competition.

On the other hand, we are experts in makeup paratodo type of special event, if you are getting married, we make a high makeup to make that moment unforgettable for much longer, if you are invited to laboda also. On the other hand we apply different techniques if you go to a baptism, or graduation or quinceaños.

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