Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup. Artistry by Mindy
Permanent Eyebrow Makeup. Artistry by Mindy

The eyebrow is the hairy area located about 2 cm above the eye on the face of humans, above the eye socket. Most primates and other mammals also have eyebrows.

Eyebrow function
The eyebrow serves to protect the eye from the sweat (or rain) that flows through the face or the strong solar irradiation and, in general, from external aggressions like dust or sand, also supporting the function of the eyelashes. It is a part of the body that defines a captivating look in case you have perfect, but in case you want to improve them do not worry that for that you have Artistry by Mindy, that will ensure that you have the look that everyone wants.

Artificial eyebrows

As one of the functions of the eyebrows is to help eliminate excess light, some American football players apply an artificial eyebrow over each of the cheekbones, to improve their vision during play, reducing the brightness and reflections of the sunlight or the artificial lights of the stadium. We have all the necessary material to perform this type of work. We apply grease paint or adhesive tapes created for this purpose. This will prevent perspiration from penetrating directly into the eyes.

Benefits of having eyebrows tattooed

1. It will save you a lot of time

Since it is a part of your face that you will not touch the makeup every morning because they are already perfect, and more if you get up late, you just have to apply a quick makeup on your face and go.

2. Make your eyebrows more noticeable

It is very ideal for those women who do not touch their eyebrows to make up but have very thin or scarce.

3. Will prevent eyebrows from fading

If you are accustomed to temporary eyebrow makeup, you can run the risk of being erased, when you go jogging, or at the gym or worse at a party and look very bad for, for this Artistry by Mindy, encourages you to do it yourself the permanent makeup, you are in the best hands of Brooklyn and we assure you that your face will strike everyone for a long time.

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