Make-up for Photographic Session

Make-up for Photographic Session.Artistry by Mindy
Make-up for Photographic Session.Artistry by Mindy

The make-up for a photo shoot should be slightly more pronounced than the basic one used to go out on the street, due to the intensity of light given by the lights that will absorb two shades of light at least so it is advisable to increase the tone of colors.

Lighting is essential in a photo shoot. In foreground portraits, the lights have to be oriented to highlight the shades, shine and textures of the makeup. Therefore, for this type of photography requires a maximum level of professionalism that undoubtedly has the team of Artistry by Mindy.

Most of the importance of makeup is based on color theory, the management of light and shadow, as well as the drawing of the face and the human body. The face and the body become the canvas where the plastic work is done.

We prepare your face very well prior to the photo session, as far as the cleaning of the skin is concerned, application of bases especially when the session is at night, with which the images become a little yellowish, for which we apply pink tones . And what to say about eyebrows and eyelashes, we will work to the point that you enhance your look and your eyes are more expressive.

High definition cosmetics have been used for events where perfection is required: weddings, television, movies or photo shoots are just a few examples. One of the advantages is that you can achieve fabulous skin almost instantly, not counting the color pigments found in lipsticks or shadows. Of course you must have experience so if you do not know how to apply yourself could be a real disaster.

We have the best beauty products always thinking about taking care of your skin and you are the envy of your companions to look spectacular, like a queen of beauty, because you deserve the best of life, and of course your face is not The exeption. Many of these types of products work wonderfully in all types of lighting.

Professional makeup includes: photography, fashion, advertising and footbridge. It is ideal to give an impeccable face image and a custom finish. Do not hesitate to contact Artistry by Mindy, if you want a film make-up.

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