Makeup for brown skin

Makeup for brown skin. Artistry by Mindy
Makeup for brown skin. Artistry by Mindy

The amount of melanin and its distribution is what determines the tones of the skin. Black women, whose skin may be ebony, ocher, with an orange, gray, mauve dye produce more melanin than the Caucasian ones. They have a great ability to absorb the sun's rays and at the same time are characterized by the fluidity of sebum. Like any other type of skin requires care, good hydration, hygiene and nutrition.

You must have the perfect base when it comes to makeup on dark skin, ie it should accompany its natural tone and apply with a thick brush in the lightest possible way, this to avoid overloading the face. The light tones are the right ones to give naturalness and shine to your skin.

Eye Makeup:

The eyes are a very important element in the whole of the face and should be highlighted without exaggeration. Our experts use warm tones with confidence because they help to give luminosity, also the shadows plums, reddish and even, blue. Very deep tones, for example, gray tend to harden expression.
For women with dark skin, it is advisable to use shades of cold tones, such as blues and grays, as it will benefit them greatly. During the day the brunettes can use brown tones.


With regard to the eyebrows, what we normally apply is a brush with the color most similar to the color of your eyebrows and paint those areas that are not beautiful.

In other articles, we describe the types of skins that exist, one of them is oily skin. Artistry by Mindy, performs different techniques of makeup, that will depend on what tone and type of skin you have. If you are brunette and have oily skin, we will skip the base step and apply only powders because if we do we would be making a big mistake and make your appearance worse.


With respect to the contour of the lips, we delineate so that they produce luminosity, sensuality and naturalness. For you to see an impressive result contact our team of professionals and you will be admired and envied by the white-skinned girls.

Article created on the basis of: Los secretos en maquillaje para chicas de piel oscura (s.f.), Roo Carmelo (2015).